Unlike CPAP machines that deliver a constant airway pressure for the duration of treatments, BiPAP or BPAP machines deliver two prescribed pressure settings. The dual flow settings allow for more air to enter and leave your lungs.

Another difference between CPAP and BiPAP machines is the ability to set a breath timing feature, or ST Mode, in BiPAP

A BiPAP machine’s breath timing feature measures the number of breaths per minute you should be taking. In the event that the time between breaths exceeds your set limit, the device will force you to breathe by temporarily increasing the delivered airway pressure.

A BiPAP machine will benefit you If:

  • You Have a High Pressure Setting
  • Low Oxygen Levels
  • CPAP has Failed to Provide Adequate Treatment
  • If You are Diagnosed with a Lung Disorder such as COPD
  • If you have certain Neuromuscular Disorders
  • If You have a Cardiopulmonary Disorder such as Congestive Heart Failure

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