1. The most common treatment is a CPAP machine. This is basically a machine that sits beside the bed. The patient wears a mask that fits across the face. The machine blows air into the nose all night.


  1. Oral Appliance therapy involves the selection, design, fitting and use of a specially designed oral appliance that, when worn during sleep, maintains an opened, unobstructed airway in the throat. Oral appliances that treat snoring and obstructive sleep apnea are devices worn in the mouth similar to orthodontic retainers or sports mouth-guards. They have several advantages over other forms of therapy. Oral appliances are comfortable and easy to wear and care for. They are small and convenient, making them easy to carry with you when you travel. Treatment with oral appliances is reversible and non-invasive.


  1. There are a few different kinds of surgeries that can be performed in the attempt of resolving sleep apnea or severe snoring.