These are the various ways you can connect with and communicate with the American Sleep Apnea Association. We want to hear from you! is not able to provide medical or legal assistance. If you have a question, please visit our community forum in order to get support from other patients and volunteers.

Contact Information

ASAA Office:

Telephone: 888-293-3650
Fax: 888-293-3650

American Sleep Apnea Association
1250 Connecticut Ave NW Ste 700
Washington, DC 20036

AWAKE Group Network:

CPAP Assistance Program:

For all questions about our CPAP Assistance Program, and to check application or program fee status.

Telephone: 888-293-3650
Fax: 888-293-3650

Sleephealth Mobile App Study:

Telephone: 877-355-0119 (Leave a message if you have questions about the study or your participation.)