The American Sleep Apnea Association (ASAA) AWAKE Program has been helping sleep apnea patients stay AWAKE – “Alert, Well and Keeping Energetic” – for more than 30 years. Our AWAKE groups provide patients with peer-to-peer learning and support on many aspects of sleep apnea, including use of positive airway pressure (PAP) machines (CPAP, Auto PAP, Bilevel PAP)

Sleep Apnea Peer Mentors

The only, one-on-one support for PAP use

Peer Mentors is the next step towards virtual, one-on-one support for PAP use, providing new or struggling PAP users with experienced mentors to help them overcome any PAP hurdle they are facing.

After reviewing the manual and completing online training modules, a Mentor will periodically receive phone calls from patients needing telephone support to help with their PAP issues. Patients often need assistance with:

  • How to overcome the hurdles of PAP therapy
  • Tips for improving therapy with their machine and mask
  • How to navigate their treatment pathway with their Equipment Provider/Doctor

In order to qualify to be a Peer Mentor you must have used a PAP device for at least one year and do not work nights.

  • Click here to apply to be Peer Mentor
  • Participate in a quick 20-minute interview with an AWAKE Support Team Member
  • Complete 2 hours of video training
  • Start receiving calls from our Community!