UK’s National Institute For Health and Care Experience (NICE) Recommends App As An Effective Alternative To Sleeping Pills

NICE has suggested Sleepio as an effective alternative to sleeping drugs, which would save the NHS money while also cutting prescriptions for potentially addictive medications like zolpidem and zopiclone.
According to an economic research, utilizing Sleepio resulted in lower healthcare expenses after one year, owing to fewer Doctor visits and sleeping medicines dispensed.

Sleepio App

The Sleepio app employs an artificial intelligence (AI) system to deliver personalized digital cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia to users (CBT-I). According to Nice, Sleepio has the potential to benefit up to 800,000 people in England.

The software offers a six-week digital self-help program that includes a sleep test, weekly interactive CBT-I sessions, and keeping a sleep diary.

The sessions are centered on recognizing the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that lead to insomnia symptoms.

Behavioral therapies try to encourage a healthy sleep schedule whereas cognitive interventions aim to change how a person thinks about sleep.

The program is expected to be finished in six weeks, but participants have full access to it for a year after registering. This allows participants to go at their own pace and return to previous sessions if they like.
Participants can also access publications from the electronic library, use online tools, and seek support from the Sleepio user community.

Read more on NICE’s website

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